You Can Still Invest In Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Wisely!

You can find an overview of currently officially listed cryptocurrencies and their market capitalization. With this overview of the cryptocurrencies, you already know exactly whether it is worthwhile to invest in a coin or not. In particular, as the crypto market is still young and undeveloped, suppliers from multilevel marketing are increasingly entering the market. The currencies offered there have in most cases absolutely nothing to do with a cryptocurrency and are just kicked out money! As a basic rule, you can remember: If a cryptocurrency or a coin is not listed on a reputable page, then keep your fingers off!

Investment Option 1: Cryptocurrencies Trading

If you do not want to buy any coins directly, but benefit from the price developments, then there is the possibility of doing so via so-called brokers. There you can buy lever certificates in various cryptocurrencies. Currently, these are mostly only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Trading With Leverage

When you buy or sell a Contract for Difference on Bitcoin, you always trade the Underlying of the cryptocurrency. For contracts for difference (CFDs), you, therefore, have to deposit a security for possible losses. The actual contract size can, however, be a multiple of the security deposit.

Depending on the Bitcoin Trading Platform provider you can trade with different levers of up to 20:1, so theoretically you can trade a full Bitcoin contract with 3% of the current value of a Bitcoin. If the Bitcoin is currently for example, at a price of $10,000 so you can act with a use of about $300 considered a Bitcoin volume.

Bitcoin trading or cryptocurrency trading is a speculative form of investing, either investing only in leverage products or using professional traders, such as Crypt Trade.

Investment Option 2: Buy And Hold Cryptocurrencies

To find out which cryptocurrency investment is right for you, there are two different approaches.

  1. You take the top 10 or top 20 of the currencies and each invests the same amount in each of them. This option is very simple, but also carries the risk that you invest in a currency that is actually not needed or has little potential.
  2. You also take the Top10 or Top20 of the cryptocurrencies and research what exactly is behind it. Then split your portfolio into 50% pure cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and 50% cryptocurrencies with background applications such as Ethereum and Smart Contracts. The advantage with this option is that you have a healthy mix of currencies and a better chance of benefiting from an innovation, the downside is that you need to invest more time and often understand the technical jargon of the providers.

In Which Cryptocurrencies Should I Invest?

In my opinion, this is an optimal investment strategy for beginners who can invest, the question in which cryptocurrencies should cover very well. It is the current top 10 of the cryptocurrencies served and yet you are investing in other smaller projects that can develop very well.

With the 5% venture capital, one can then participate in coins of his choice or ICOs. (It does not constitute a purchase recommendation or investment advice.) Especially the smaller currencies offer enormous potential. Not only by technical progress that fixes the problems of Bitcoin Blockchain but also by the Kurspotentiale. Bitcoin has shown a significant price increase and gained 904% in 11 months. If you bet against Ethereum, Dash, and NEM, you can see four-digit gains in value with a much lower capital investment.

Investment Option 3: Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies directly or start your own with Bitcoin trading or Ethereum trading then you can do that on the various crypto exchanges (Exchange). It should be said, however, that experience with foreign exchange trading (Forex) would be useful and the market is highly speculative because of the size. The low market capitalization (compared to foreign exchange trading) can lead to large price jumps. If you are looking for a long-term crypto investment strategy, then trading is not suitable for that!

Poloniex, Kraken as well as Bitfinex are a pure trading platform for the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple. Various trading instruments are available, including margin trading.

Every investor and investor should be aware that there can be no constant price gains of 2,000%. That would presuppose that all investors constantly buy and no investor sells. Thus, an imbalance in the supply-demand ratio would arise and the price would rise steadily. The first reason for the volatility of the crypto market is therefore obvious.

Let’s Quickly Check The Pros And Cons of These Investments!:

Invest in Bitcoin, also trade Ethereum, and so forth. Given that the rapid rise in prices recently, a big media attention or perhaps interest in the well-known cryptocurrencies has become established. This has the consequence that quite a few amateur investors wanted to truly join in all these price profits and even still want to.

Fueled by great forecasts for instance, Bitcoin could rise up to $50,000 by the very end of this great year! Or maybe Ethereum is the new Bitcoin out there; plenty of cash was truly invested with zero or just little background information regarding the crypto technology.

But when prices start to fall, which is quite normal and you can observe this process on the stock markets worldwide every day, then comes the fear of loss. In the worst case, one sells  Bitcoins and Ethereum again with loss around a supposed total loss to avoid. This panic reaction also triggers an increased sales volume on the market and prices continue to fall.

I would not like to state anything against all the smaller investors here. But you could see the price collapse as well as the panic sales that a lot of small crypto investors are without the understanding and also patience on the market. This great ignorance is indeed mercilessly exploited out there by big speculators. If you let yourself be driven by your greed for quick profits and invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum without meaning, you will most likely lose your money.

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