The Benefits of Buying Preferred Stocks

Each and every company issues different kinds or classes of stocks at the same time. They give you choices on the kind of stocks that you would like to own. There can be choices such as class 1 common stocks, class 2 common stocks, among others, that only provide a certain number of votes per share. Then here comes the class 3 preferred stocks Finance Brokerage Economic Calendar.

Owning a company’s preferred stocks often provides specific edge when compared to the other classes of stocks. It’s true that not all are positive. There has to be some kind of balance between the risks and benefits, after all.

In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons why it must be a good idea to invest in preferred stocks when you’re given the option Finance Brokerage Forex News.

Reason 1: Regular dividend payments

Although you must already what basically a preferred stock is, it bears repeating that preferred stocks are generally considered as a hybrid type of security that has both the properties of both common stocks and bonds.

When you own preferred stocks, it means that you will mostly get paid higher. You will therefore have more regular dividends than the owners of that firm’s or company’s common stocks.  This means that the payments will come in more regularly. In addition to that, the company has an obligation to pay you back the missed preferred dividend payment it any.

Reason 2: In case the company goes bankrupt…

Most of the preferred stock owners in the market acquire the investment because of the highly appealing dividend yield.  Sometime, these people even surpass that in the bond market or the consistent income,

On the other hand, if a time comes that the company files for bankruptcy, you as a preferred stockholder will have the seniority over the claiming of the remaining funds and assets that are raised through liquidation. In other words, you will be paid more before the common stockholders get their shares.

Reason 3: Taxes

A company can claim tax reductions against the amount of interest that are paid on the bonds but not dividends that are paid on the preferred stocks. This is because dividends on both the common stocks and preferred stocks that are being paid through the company’s after-tax profits.

On the flip side, there is also some tax advantages for certain corporations that invest in preferred shares in the stock market. The tax is referred to as dividend received deduction. This will prevent the investing company form being overtaxed in a venture.

A Peek on Common Stocks

Meanwhile, owning a common stock isn’t really a bad idea either. For young investors, it’s a way to be a part of the larger picture.

There are also good benefits that you can get out of them. They provide ownership equity, for example. Equity ownership, as we all know, provides the highest return in the longer run. They also provide limited liability, which means that the liability you will incur will be exclusive to the amount you have invested.

Overall, there are benefits that you can get from both common stocks and preferred stocks. It’s totally your call whether to invest in just one of them or both.

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