Recruiting Passive Candidates

In this article, I’m going to discuss how to recruit passive candidates but first thing’s first. What is a passive candidate? Passive candidates are the people who are looking for a job passively while they’re holding one for a living and busy with the existing title. Moreover, the current positions give them enough to be happy.

Recruiting passive candidates is a slow and steady process and you need to be calm while on the chase. Finding the right people and lure them to your offers require time. Showing the positive attributes of the company and its professional environment help those people evoke an interest.

Although passive candidates have enormous potentials and they can add substantial value to your company, they’re not easy to hire. However, here are some crucial facts to remember before recruiting an ideal candidate.

Right Communication

Beyond the activities of the HR department of your company, you need to put yourself to hunt for potential passive candidates. To do that, let other people know about your company: who you are and what you do. Thus, people who are looking for an opportunity to turn their present condition might get interested. When creating the marketing plan, include not only the customers but also the passive candidates. The more you are familiar with the industry the bigger chance you will get to attract passive job seekers. 

Building Relationship

You may find people who are content and satisfied with their job and don’t want to move to a different organization. If you think these people can bring you more benefits and yet your company will provide them with better opportunities, then proceed to them. Even though they’re not interested in your company, try to make a good relationship with them. And, you know, the deep relation starts with a simple conversation. Reach them, talk to them, and make them respond. This way, if ever they want to change their job, with whom are they going to contact? Yes, it’s you because they already know you. 

Social Media Connection

Nobody can deny the power of social media in today’s digitally advanced world. Social media can be your vehicle to promote your brand as well as to perform the groundwork. With a strong web presence, companies can get more success by spreading their name throughout the people’s mind. The easiest way of connecting millions of people is harnessing the strength of social media. As more as you appear on the multiple platforms, chances are your future passive candidates will fall on the radar. When they are going to change the existing status they will keep you in mind. Besides that, social channels also let you talk to your favorite people via messaging and mentioning on the posts. 

Killer Job Postings

One might wonder how job posting can help while the passive candidates don’t need a job. Yes, there are some secrets that strike the persons who aren’t actively looking for a position. When you’re recruiting active candidates, post a job offer that’s enticing and makes a good impression on whoever read that post. Passive people who might be thinking inside to shift the ongoing place may also get interested in your company. They also notice what you are what benefits you provide to the employees. This also a vital place to tout your culture you nurture inside the organization. That’s a fantastic idea, right?

Happy Employees

In some companies, they run Employment Referral Program (ERP) to recruit all active, passive, semi-passive, and supper passive candidates. If you make sure your employees are happy with their positions and they get rewarded with their best effort, they will share the good things about your organization with others. Think there might be an ideal candidate in their circles and they hear the good words. When you contact the people in the future who already heard the positive things your company holds, they will respond positively.


Above all, remember that passive candidates want to hear that they’re wanted and wooed. By making sure your current employees are motivated and you’re communicating the persons in the right way, more passive candidates will come to you willingly. Also, don’t underestimate the power of social media because it might be the biggest provocative source to get in touch with the potential persons.

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