LH-CRYPTO – an opportunity to earn both on trade, and on the partner program

What LH-CRYPTO offers

A wide range of crypto and other tools – Forex in currency trading, precious metals, stocks and goods of large companies.

All settlements with traders are conducted in crypto-currencies.

LH-CRYPTO accepts and opens trading accounts in BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, and so on.

You can enter into transactions that are 100 times the amount of your account. Thus, the profit from trading operations increases in proportion.

You can earn both on growth and on lowering the rates of Crypto-currency, selling CFD for this trading asset.

The more volatile the instrument is, the higher the potential profit. However, in this case, the risk increases as well as trade costs (commissions for opening trades).

  • Crypto-tools are the most unstable.
  • Forex tools are the least volatile.
  • Precious metals and goods are located between them.
  • Instruments that have the lowest risks – Forex and precious metals.

LH-Crypto Contests

LH-Crypto conducts permanent, monthly competitions for traders with real accounts with a balance of at least 100 euros. Special registration is not required.

More information about the competitions can be found on the project website at https://www.lh-crypto.com.

LH-Crypto Affiliate Program

Attraction of new clients

LH-Crypto offers several types of affiliate programs.

The main program is designed to attract customers on the Internet.

There is also a special offer for partners who can create a branch or call-center and attract customers both on the Internet and offline.

LH-Crypto pays up to 80% of the commission for each trade transaction of the attracted customers.

The amount of these payments depends on the amount of funds raised.

Single Trading Account

You only need to register on the site to access the entire range of trading tools.

After registration you get a unique trading account and access to all markets.

All instruments are traded on terms of margin lending.

This means that you can enter into transactions with any instrument for an amount that is tens or even hundreds of times greater than the balance of your account.

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