Important Pieces of Sliding Door Hardware and What Each One Does

If you are having a sliding door installed inside of your home or on your garage, there are many pieces of sliding door hardware that need to be purchased at the same time. Each piece of hardware serves a different purpose and ultimately helps your door to hang, open and close and function as it should. If you have never purchased sliding door hardware before, you may be familiar with all of the different types available and the importance of each item you need. Here are four important pieces of hardware and the purpose each piece serves. 


The track system is one of the most important types of hardware for your sliding door system. The track system helps to support the weight of the door, while also giving the door the system it needs to open or close. The type of track system you purchase will vary based on the type of door you select, including the size and weight of the door. If you are unsure what type of track you need, always ask a professional for help. Selecting the wrong track system may prevent your sliding doors from properly hanging in place or from opening and closing. 


Another key piece of hardware for a sliding door system is the hanger. Each door has two hangers attached to it. These connect to the track system. The hanger is the item that supports the weight of the door and hangs it up in place. If the hanger cannot support the weight of the door, the door will come crashing below. The hanger connects into the track system, so the track system and hanger must be compatible. 

Guide Roller

The next piece of hardware you should familiarize yourself with in regards to sliding door hardware is the guide roller. The guide roller is the wheels that are used so the door glides open and closed on the track. The right wheels help the door glide seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Bumper Shoe

The last piece of hardware you will want to know about in regards to sliding doors is the bumper shoe. A bumper shoe is placed within the track system, but for the most part, stays hidden. The bumper shoe is a piece of padding that helps to prevent the door from slamming into the track when it is fully opened. This helps to protect both the track and the door. 

Taking the time to educate yourself on the different names of sliding door hardware will help you to understand what items you need to purchase for your sliding door system and why each piece of hardware is important. If you are looking to buy hardware for a sliding door, Richards-Wilcox is here to help you. Contact us today to get started. 

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