Four Ways Your Staffers Can Ruin the Exhibition Booth Experience for Visitors

Booth staffers are supposed to be at the forefront to ensure your exhibition’s success, but sometimes this is not the case, due to their undoing. There are certain omissions or commissions they may do, which might hamper your success at offering your booth visitors a great experience, and collecting lots of leads from the event. Here are some of the ways your staffers can ruin the experience for your booth visitors:

Not leaving the screen

Staffers utilizing their phones, creates the impression that booth visitors come second, and passers by won’t be bothered to interact with your booth’s staff, if staff members have their eyes on their phones. It shows that the staff is disinterested in the event, and if that were the case, why would the visitor be interested in what you have to exhibit to them?

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Eating at the booth

When your staff consumes meals, or even snacks during the exhibition, the message they are sending across is that they are not ready to handle business, because they are busy eating. Besides, decent people will not want to interrupt when you are eating, and as a result, a good number of visitors will not be motivated to stop by your stand if your staff are eating or appear to be on break.

Poor wire management

This may sound minor, but if your booth is cluttered with wires and codes all over, the picture the potential visitors get, is that of a messy stand manned by unprofessional staffers. Wires and codes should be concealed in a manner that they don’t pose any potential safety concerns, and they should not be easily visible to the visitors.

Talking too much to themselves

It is good for staff to confer during the show, but if they have to converse among themselves to the extent that visitors feel as though they are interrupting staff members when they pass by, then they will be doing more harm than good to that stand. It is an exhibition day, and the staffers should do more of their talking with booth visitors, and not amongst themselves.

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