Common Printer Issues and Remedy

Technology can be very enjoyable when all the systems are up and running, but when the hardware or software becomes faulty, the result could be very uneasy to imagine. These issues could be seen during the operation of some computer gadgets particularly the printer which serves a lot of office duties. However, some peculiar issues associated with the printer would be addressed thus:

#1: Printing takes so long:

You could imagine how frustrating it is when almost done with a job then experience a hiccup in printing. This could result from some technical faults or high display configuration of the document or even a corrupt document or a faulty external drive.

Remedy: when this occurs, you may choose to go for documents with lower resolution or image quality to increase the printing speed. Again, try switching from the double-side printing to simplex. Though the later uses more paper, it saves more time.


#2: Printer paper jamming?

Most times, the observed faults with printers result to other intense technical issues such as jamming of the printing paper.

Remedy: when a jam in the printing paper is noticed, the first thing to do is carefully take out the paper straight from the printer. This is done to avoid tearing the paper and complicating the issue. If the paper is caught between rollers, it is important to carefully relieve the pressure of the rollers on the paper before pulling off.

Ensure the paper is smoothly placed and is the appropriate paper type supported by the printer. Then proceed with printing.

#3: Printer doesn’t print?

In a situation when documents sent to the printer are not recognized and not printed, you could try the following options.

Remedy: First, check the document to confirm that it was actually sent to the right printer. If it wasn’t, then fix this problem by setting the default printer to avoid the delay. In some cases, it is important to install a print driver on the desktop or laptop.

Again, if the first option has been exploited and the printer still won’t respond or print the sent document proves an arduous task, then a reboot of the printer is need. If this issue persists, then the computer needs to be restarted or refreshed.

#4: Outdated printer?

Using an outdated printer could result in frequent hiccups, malfunctions and sometimes unnecessary tasks performed.

Remedy: In this case, it is paramount you replace the old printer with a new version with better quality and strength to last for a long time. Save yourself the stress and enjoy your printer by getting one from a reliable supplier like

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