Best Detox Shampoo For A Hair Follicle Test- Nexxus Aloe Rid Reviews

Passing a Hair Follicle Test  

Passing a hair follicle test can be more difficult than passing a urine drug test. It is possible for the drug to show up in your hair. Depending on how long you have been growing out all of the hairs on your head and the number of drugs that you have been using, months of drug use can be detected in your hair. During the hair follicle test, the tech would take several strands of your hair. Since the hair is taken by the tech, it is impossible to use another person’s hair.  It is important to understand that the only fool-proof way to pass a hair follicle drug test is to stay away from drugs. If you are desperate, there are a few methods that you can choose from.


If you don’t have the hair on your body to test, you cannot take a hair follicle test. You should understand that just because the tech cannot take hair from your head to test, they could test hair from different areas of your body. It takes between and 5 and seven days for the drug to show up in your hair. This means if you used drugs the day before your test, it likely wouldn’t show up. If you used drugs the week before your test and you shave your head and your body, you won’t have a specimen. The tech and the person who ordered the test could see you as a red flag if you don’t follow their instructions. There is a popular, yet controversial article about the Clear Drug Tests Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo Review you should look at in your space time. Also, just because you don’t have hair, it doesn’t mean that the test will be canceled altogether. There is a good chance that whoever ordered you to take a drug test will ask you to take a urine test or a blood test instead. Since this will likely happen and the test will go according to schedule, you should think about taking the necessary steps to pass either of those tests. Of the options available to pass a hair follicle test, shaving is the most invasive and the riskiest.  

Detox Shampoo  

A detox shampoo can get into the hair shaft and remove all of the toxins. The most trusted detox shampoo is Aloe Rid detox shampoo. You will want to use the old version of the product. The only one that will actually work is the old version. Most stores carry the newer version of the shampoo and the new version cannot get into the hair shaft. The best place to find the old version is online at You should understand that due to the high demand for this product that it can be expensive. If you are doing everything in your power to pass the test, you should have no problem paying the high cost. If you cannot find the old version of Aloe Rid detox shampoo, you can try Ultra Clean Shampoo which can also be found online. If you cannot find either of those, you can try Nexxus or lice shampoo. These two products can often get into the hair shaft. If you are planning to use a detox shampoo, you should take an over the counter hair follicle test before you go to the testing facility. This will let you know if the shampoo has worked and that you are going to pass the test.  

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