Allergen and Pollen in the HVAC System

Allergies that are associated to pollen distress millions of people causing:

  • Nose that runs
  • Eyes that itch
  • Sneezing often
  • Fatigued

There are a few of the symptoms caused by allergens. The effects of these systems in the office can severelyinterfere with workflow, morale and efficiency. By keeping your HVAC systems maintained, it will reduce the number of allergens present in the office and lessen their effects.

Difficult allergen to get rid of

Pollen can be the most difficult allergen to get rid of and avoid. During the warmer seasons of the year, all types of plants release pollen into the air. Because of this pollen ends up in offices through their A/C systems. If this is a problem in your office, the first thing that you need to do is to call an HVAC provider for maintenance, such as Bravo! to assess this situation. There are few very simple procedures, which will be able to help to reduce the allergens in the office.

Cleaning of ducts

One of the most effective solutions is to clean the air ducts that run throughout your office. Allergens such as pollen and dust collect in the ducts over time, and only serve to aggravate office workers’ allergies. Maintaining your HVAC with routine cleaning in one of the best ways to reduce or prevent allergy symptoms in the workplace.

Schedule a cleaning

At least you need to consider scheduling a cleaning when your building has recently been renovated, has never had a cleaning or your workers are experiencing symptoms of allergies.


One thing you probably don’t know is that typical AC filters are designed only to protect against large debris from entering your building. They do not protect against dust or allergens such as pollen.

Protect against allergens

To protect against allergens, you are going to need a high-energy particulate air or HEPA filter. HEPA filters can trap over 90% of pollen and other allergens using layers made up of glass fibres. To continue to protect your offices against allergens, you will need to have your HEPA filter changed about every other month.

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